Control system for robotic large-scale additive manufacturing machines (WAAM and WLAM).

I-MC has developed CAMRON Advanced and CAMRON Runtime, two software solutions that allow you to:

  • design a part according to a feature-based design method;
  • generate a path and associate it with a deposition parameter;
  • monitor the process and adjust the path.

I-MC provides manufacturers with total digital sovereignty (the ability to control and intervene in all the programs used in a machine) by allowing them to control
their entire digital supply chain.

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CAM-RON AM meets the needs of both research departments and intelligent machine control

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The Runtime software solution supervises manufacturing and works with other CAD/CAM tools.

Manufacturing follow-up and management

Runtime ecran IMC

Generate the paths associated with the machine or robot.

Piloter les étapes de fabrication.

Control the steps in manufacturing.

Récupérer les données des équipements et contrôles et appliquer des corrections.

Retrieve the data from the equipment and controls and apply corrections.


The Advanced software solution is used for additive manufacturing design and methods.

Configuration of CAM-RON Runtime

ecrans Runtime

Define all the steps in the manufacturing process.

ecran Runtime 2

Simulate the behavior of the various equipment during manufacturing.

ecran Advanced 3

Integrate data from external software (when appropriate).

On-site control-correction loop

Schema boucle control

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