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I-MC offer : a pragmatic offer

Thanks to an innovative digital chain, make and control your parts quickly and accurately, directly on the machine, without removing the part and ensuring the traceability of the controls.

A complete digital chain for the workshop
Intuitive graphical selection to define control, help in programming machining strategies and easy control at the bottom of the machine

I-MC offers you a platform equipped with a sensor, a robot with its movement system and a supervisor to control and correct during manufacture.

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We offer tailor-made study offers apply to your parts.

Digitalising the industry is possible of the communication between the digital entities and to postpone the intelligence so that the user is seen improving

I-MC Product

I-MC offers an in-situ control solution to control and correct the manufacture of work in progress quickly and accurately.

It involves implanting in front of one or more machine tools, a platform (with an optical sensor, a 6-axis robot and a supervisor).

The multifunctional platform with its supervisory position ensures the integration of the product with the machine tool of your choice. It allows the robot to move after the fold until the end of the check.

When the robot is in a withdrawal position, the multifunctional platform allows you to access normally and safely your machine tool and its numerical control. The robot may need to perform additional operations.

When the robot is in the control position, the zone is secured. If the operator wishes to consult information or intervene, he has the I-MC supervisory position.

This innovation allows users to save time on the manufacturing cycle (time and steps reduction between differents offices). These gains are achievable as much as the realization of the first piece / prototype or series.

Our product is made for industrialists; it is built with them.